3RD THURSDAY at the CAFÉ BISTRO – April 2016

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This episodes guests:
GUTHRIE MATTHEWS – Born in New England, Guthrie Matthews was introduced to music at a young age by his biggest musical influence, father Bill Matthews, a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. After moving to Maryland as a teen Guthrie quickly made his mark on the local music scene, deciding to become a full-time professional musician at 19.

PEGGY JAEGLY – Peggy Jaegly grew up in a house full of books. She’d read those books bringing them to life by pretending she was one of the characters. She started writing as a young child, sending thank you notes written as rhyming poetry and creating short stories to entertain her family. She is an author who writes both fiction and nonfiction, has been the editor of both a city and national magazine, and is an instructor of the craft of writing to help others fulfill their dream of writing their own books. Today, her own home is filled with shelves of books, many of which are her own.

KENTON KILGORE – (Dragontamer’s Daughters, Lost Dogs, and Our Wild Place) When he’s not pretending to do his day job, Kenton Kilgore is forging a new direction in young adult science-fiction and fantasy. Kenton and his family live on Kent Island with too many dogs and cats, and he has horrible taste in music, football teams, and beer.

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