Interview With S. Torriano Berry – the Filmmaker Of “Black Captains Of The Chesapeake”

Movie Description:

Black Captains of the Chesapeake explores the lives and work of a group of African American Head Boat Captains sailing out of Kent Narrows, Maryland who for over 50 years have been carrying out fishing parties on the Chesapeake Bay. We learn of their early days as watermen harvesting the bay of its once plentiful bounty of crabs, oysters and clams, and why they now rely on the fishing trade alone. These captains discuss the dangers on the bay, their total commitment to their work, and the fast failing future they fear for the bay. The Chesapeake Bay is a billion dollar social and economic entity that has been on a steady decline with many problems that need to be addressed. We also hear testimonials from some of the anglers who have been supporting these captains over the years.

About the Filmmaker:

S. Torriano Berry is an award-winning filmmaker and associate professor at Howard University’s Department of Radio, Television and Film. He has created and produced Black Independent Showcase and Black Vision/Silver Screen: Howard University Student Film Showcase, two television series showcasing independent and student films broadcast on WHUT-TV-32. He has written, produced and directed “The Light” and “When It’s Your Turn,” two half-hour, made-for-television movies for WPVI-TV 6 in Philadelphia. He wrote, produced and directed “EMBALMER,” his first feature-length film. He is co-author of “The 50 Most Influential Black Films,” (Citadel Press, 2001), “Historical Dictionary of African-American Cinema,” (Scarecrow Press, 2007 — The A to Z of African-American Cinema, Paperback, 2009.) He has also self-published his first novel, “The TEARS Trilogy” (Identity Press, 2011), available as an e-book on He lives in Washington, D.C.