Marie Lange Wins a 32-inch TV and $1,220

CENTREVILLE — Marie Lange of the Queen Ann’s County Budget and Finance Department didn’t draw the 1 million dollar top prize but she still won $1,250 and a 32-inch flat screen television, during a drawing held February 10th at the commissioners meeting.
Lange’s name was randomly chosen from about 27,000 entrants nationwide. The Jackpot Lottery Company works with governmental and corporate insurance agencies by rewarding safety in the workplace. Once a year, the company randomly selects a name from all of the jackpot and collector cards sent in for the Power Bag Drawing. Lange had to choose two bank bags out of the 25 that lay before her. The only way to win the million dollars is to choose the exact two bags that each had half of the million prize tickets. The least anyone can win is $1,000.

While Lange didn’t hit the jackpot, she was happy to go home with her winnings and her co-workers celebrated with her with an office party.