QAC Most Wanted For Halloween 2014

In this episode…

Christopher P. Stauffer
Arrest Warrant for Second Degree Assault
According to the application the victim stated he was attending a party in Chester in May of this year and when he left he was attacked from behind by Stauffer. The victim states he sustained 2 black eyes, a broken nose and kicks to his ribs and arms.
Christopher Stauffer is a white male in his 30’s
5’8” – 155 Pounds with reddish hair and green eyes.
Was an apartment on Main Street Stevensville.

Failure to Appear on serious Traffic Charges from 1998
69 Years Old 5’10” 135 Pounds
LKA on Postal Road, Chester

58 Year old Male 5’7” 160 Pounds
At the time of the offense was living in Kent County
Failing to register as a Sex Offender
Last Known locations include Illinoi and California??

Kwangchai Thajoy
Now 37 years 5’3” 120
In 2004 was in Crumpton and went back to Thailand
Scar on Forehead – Tattoo of Clouds & Sun on Right Arm
Charged for Failing to register as a Sex Offender

Some people masquarade as someone else at Halloween
This guy is trying to be someone else all the time
45 Years old 6’00” 198 Brown – Green
Chestnut Drive, Elkton, MD
After working at a defunct car dealer in Chestertown Helsel was charged with passing bad checks. When the Court Date neared he fled and eventually ended up in North Carolina.
AKA: GoodTyme Charlie, Jimmy Shotz and Jim Louis
Bass Player in a Southern Rock Band – Carolina Reign

Ericka Renee Fitzgerald
AKA: Ericka Elias
VOP on Possession of Cocaine conviction in 2003
At the time of arrest she was living in Chestertown
36 Years Old 5’07” 130 Pounds
Could be in Baltimore MD – Orlando Florida or Medina NY

At the time the warrant was issued he was living on Main Street in Chester and Phyllis Court Grasonville and working as a forklift operator for a stone company.
After Failing to Appear for court on 2nd Degree Assault and Theft charges in May of 2005 he left the area returning to his home state of California.
Harvey is now 45 years of age 6’00” 170 Pounds with Brown Hair & Blue Eyes
Appears that he is now living in San Diego, California

28 W/F 5’06” 150 Pounds Bro Bro
Wanted for failing to appear on a assault charge in 2009
From Columbus Ohio
Records indicate addresses Chattanooga Tennesse and Richmond VA
Prior Arrests in Oregon Florida Ohio Maryland