Queen Anne’s County Public School Recognitions

The full meeting is available on the web at http://vp.telvue.com/preview?id=affiliate1&video=191539

The award winners for the April 2, 2014 Board Meeting are:
Shining Star- Michelle Girvin nominated by Megan Robinson, KIHS

Difference Maker- John Dewey nominated by Magon P., SMS
Energizer Bunny- Kathy Michaels nominated by Jane M. D’ Angelo, CMS

Hero Award- Maggie R. nominated by Ms.Haarhoff /Ms. Schroyer, GES

Special Recognition-Laws of Life Contest Winners:
Maya M. – CMS,
Megan K. – KIHS,
Jacob W. – MMS,
Sara S. – SMS
and Overall Regional Winner
Abigail L. – STMS

Congratulations to all the talented staff and students!