Queen Anne’s County’s Most Wanted – April 2016

It’s April and we all know what that means…Income Tax Day. No one I know looks forward to paying taxes but as responsible citizens that’s what we do. There’s a fear factor of the IRS as one local radio commercial calls the Internal Revenue Service the toughest bill collector even taking your paycheck, car and house.

Well, we have a few wanted persons who have additional debts and refuse to pay. These people have been ordered by the Court to make deferred payments of fines, restitution or to make child support payments. For whatever excuse they may have, the Courts have issued warrants to bring them before the Judge.

African American Male

Age 64

5’6” 145 Pounds

Convicted of a CDS Charge in 2005 and Failed to make a Deferred Payment

LKA Camden-Wyoming, Delaware


Convicted of Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin

Probation Violation issued in 2011 after she failed to pay a $2500 Fine

Facing 18 Years of Suspended Time

62 Year old Female

Listed at 5’7” 165 Pounds

LKA was West Palm Beach, Florida

May be working as a Real Estate Agent using an alias


This fugitive is a waterman on the Chesapeake Bay wanted for Non-Support

While his address is listed as Cloverfields in Stevensville, he’s managed to avoid arrest by staying at various locations including his parents garage, friends and on work boats.

Most recently he was charged by DNR on Harvesting Oyster Violations in December on the Patuxent River near Broomes Island in December. While he didn’t show any ID, one of the officers knew him and issued the citations.

Unfortunately, since he was known the officer failed to run him for wanted and Thomas was released. As to the DNR charges…it looks like he hasn’t shown up for court on those either.

Thomas is a 43 year old white male

5’8” 225 Pounds

Send us the tip to “Harvest” an arrest on Thomas.

In 2007 she plead guilty to Theft served 6 months in jail and put on probation

At that time she was living with family in Glen Burnie, MD

Instead of following terms of probation , including payment of fines she relocated to West Virginia

Kyer is now 47 years old

She also goes by Lisa Hartman

Listed as 5’6” 145 Pounds

In addition to the fines, she facing an additional 12 months behind bars.


Wanted for Failure to pay Restitution on Forgery Charges

White Female age 48

5’5” 110 Pounds

AKA: Tonya Quarles and Tonya Zenoni

Was from Pasadena but LKA to be in North Carolina


Hey, I know it’s tough to make ends meet these days, but if you commit a crime, cause someone damages or neglect to support your child it’s time to “Pay Up”. I’m asking you to pick up the phone and call me with the tip to locate these fugitives. You can also use the internet to email me or PM me on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Thanks for watching QACTV