Scam Alert From The Queen Anne’s County Office Of The Sheriff

The Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff has been made aware of a potential telephonic scam. The caller in this scam will claim to be a deputy who is employed by the Queen Anne’s County Office Of The Sheriff’s and advise the victim that there’s an outstanding warrant out for your arrest, or an unpaid traffic citation which needs to be resolved. By making this call, the scammer will attempt to obtain personal and financial information from you. The caller may attempt to intimidate you by stating that police are on their way to arrest you if you don’t comply by paying a particular fee.

The Office Of The Sheriff will never make notifications of warrants via telephone. Also, they will never ask for any type of payment to expel a warrant.

Just as a reminder, to view active warrants in Queen Anne’s County, you can visit our website at:
You can also call the office at 410-758-0770 to verify if an individual has an active warrant.

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