Warrants Spring Cleaning – March 2016 Most Wanted

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Recently an Arrest Warrant charging Steven Douglas Smith with second degree assault was issued by the QA District Court. In addition on file there is a 2016 Bench Warrant on a theft charge.

Both warrant list Smith’s address as Poplar School Road near Centreville.

Smith is a 22 year old white male and listed at 5’11” 180 with Blond Hair & Blue Eyes

Christopher Michael Thomas is wanted on 2015 Violation of Probation Warrant on CDS Charges in Queen Anne’s County.
Thomas is also wanted in Anne Arundel County for failing to appear in court on Drug Charges.

Thomas is a 22 year old White Male

5’8” 215 with Blond Hair and Green eyes

LKA on Hazel Trail in Crownsville or Chesapeake Estates Drive, Stevensville

After failing to appear on Telephone Misuse & Harassment charges, two bench warrants were issued for the arrest of Jeffrey Brian Young.

Young is a 5’5” African American male (age 38)

His last known address was Manor Drive in Dover DE

Now several of these next persons have relocated to distant locations. While we know where they are, economics play a factor here. There’s just not enough funding for extraditions to return all the wanted persons for minor offenses. But that doesn’t mean we give up trying to clear the warrants. We look for a reason for them to return. It could be wedding, a funeral or another life event of a relative. Maybe just because they missed loved ones. Perhaps the open warrant affects their employment opportunities. But with your watchful eye, we stay ready to put the cuffs on them.

In 2006 Sharon Lee Johnson was living on Teal Court in Stevensville and employed as an Office Manager for Giant Food in Bowie. She is charged with writing a bunch of checks that bounced and never came to court before leaving the area. As a result there now are five Warrants on File.

Johnson is a White Female now 59 years old. She’s listed at 5’04” 180 Pounds with Red Hair & Brown Eyes

Investigation indicates she’s living in New Tazewell Tennessee.

Way back in 1998 Karrie L. Wagner was charged with failing to appear on a DWI charge and with Violation of Probation on an earlier DWI.

At that time Wagner was living on Main Street in Sudlersville.

Last time we checked she had relocated to the big Star State of Texas.

Wagner is a white female 50 Years old

Listed at 5’7” 165 pounds with brown hair & eyes

In addition to Wagner she also goes by Karrie Nelson and Karrie Guerrero

Several years ago our next fugitive became well known by deputies after numerous cases involving him were under investigation.

In 2008 four Bench Warrants were issued for Joshua Charles Hickox after he failed to appear on two CDS Charges, a Telephone Misuse Charge and a Theft Charge

Hickox then living with family on Harbor Drive in Chester fled the area turning up in Hawaii. Apparently the location changed but not his habits as we now have had regular contact with a detective in that locale who really would like to see him return to the mainland.

Hickox is a small 30 year old white male listed at 5’0” 125 pounds with brown hair & eyes. He can easily be identified by several of his tattoos.


We profiled Aaron Patrick Thompson a while back after a Violation of Probation warrant was issued on a 2014 assault conviction. At that time he was listed at an address on Mountain Road in Pasadena MD.

He must be a viewer because he called numerous times cursing at several deputies and making outlandish threats resulting in an Arrest Warrant being issued for telephone misuse. So maybe after watching this we’ll hear from him again.

Thompson is a white male now 28. He’s listed at 5’5” and 185 pounds with Brown Hair & Eyes. He can be violent with sudden anger outbursts so if you have contact with him use caution.

As stated Thompson was living in Pasadena but some sources say he was in California. He still has family ties here in Queen Anne’s County.