15 Days To Stop The Spread

The White House released these guidelines in a digestible PDF format, which can be viewed here. Among the guidelines are suggestions such as:
Follow the guidance of state and local authorities
Stay home if you feel sick; contact your medical provider.
If children in your care are sick, do not send them to school and contact your medical provider.
If someone in your household has tested positive for coronavirus, quarantine the entire household and contact your medical provider.
If a person has serious underlying medical conditions that could increase their risk for coronavirus, they should quarantine themselves.

The guidelines also acknowledge how to slow the spread of coronavirus, including:
Staying home when possible, including schooling and working from home. However, those who work in “a critical infrastructure industry,” are responsible for maintaining their normal work schedules as outlined by the CDC and Department of Homeland Security.
Avoid social gatherings of 10 or more people; use drivethru, pickup, or delivery options to avoid bars, restaurants and food courts.
Avoid discretionary travel, including shopping trips and social visits
Do not visit nursing homes, retirement homes, or longterm care facilities unless you are providing critical assistance
Practice good hygiene, including washing hands, avoiding touching your face, sneezing/coughing into a tissue or the inside of your elbow, and disinfect frequently touched surfaces as much as possible.

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