Chesapeake Bay Clean Up -The Choptank River as a Test Case – Opening Remarks

This event was held at the Todd Center for the Performing Arts, at Chesapeake College on Tuesday, August 9, 2016.

Purpose: To provide citizens living in the Choptank watershed to learn about and become familiar with the many agency and private organization studies, efforts and management practices underway in the Choptank watershed to improve water quality;

To help those living within the Choptank watershed to better understand why some reports describe the River as improving while other reports state the exact opposite, to try to figure out why the disparity and whether more effort is needed on everyone’s part to help the River improve;

To provide those living outside the watershed who are involved and interested in their tributaries across the State to compare efforts underway in their tributaries to the Choptank and to provide ideas as to what might be able to be implemented within their tributaries.

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